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Explain the maintenance method of low-speed thruster in detail?

Low-speed thruster is a new type of sewage treatment equipment. It has many advantages, such as small size, light weight, and long service life, but it needs to be maintained if it is frequently used. In order to ensure the service life and stability of the low-speed pusher, regular maintenance is very important. Next, the editor will tell you about the maintenance methods. I hope all friends will learn.

The prospects of environmental protection stocks under the policy environment can be expected

Recently, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council said when answering reporters’ questions that we said that we would declare war on smog and other pollution, not to declare war on God, but to declare war on our own extensive production and lifestyle. He pointed out that this year we have taken the initiative to increase pressure and increase consumption reduction, that is, we have determined that energy consumption intensity will drop by 3.9%, while the actual completion last year was a 3.7% drop, which means that 220 million tons of coal consumption will be reduced.

What are the advantages of low-speed pushers?

Nowadays, the secret environmental sewage treatment in cities has been paid more and more attention. In this case, many devices have also appeared. The low-speed pusher is a water treatment equipment. In order to let more people know about it, the editor will talk about the advantages of the low-speed pusher. If you are interested, let's take a look.

What role does the sludge return pump play in sludge treatment?

The submersible sludge return pump is a product developed based on the submersible mixer production technology, using submersible motor production technology. This pump is the second sewage treatment plant mixed liquid reflux and denitrification equipment. Mainly used in municipal engineering, sewage treatment, environmental engineering and other industries, can also be used in ground drainage, irrigation, waste water treatment in micro-lifts and large flow places that need to be recycled. The sludge return pump currently has a wide range of applications in the treatment of chemical processes, and it plays an important role in the treatment of sewage sludge.

Analysis on the Development Trend of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Technology

The development and application of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motors have expanded the application of permanent magnet synchronous motors in various industries. The remarkable performance characteristics of rare earth permanent magnet motors are light weight, high performance, high efficiency and energy saving. High-performance rare earth permanent magnet motors are the foundation of many new technologies and high-tech industries. It is combined with power electronics technology and microelectronic control technology to produce various mechatronics products with excellent performance, such as CNC machine tools, machining centers, flexible production lines, robots, electric vehicles, environmental protection equipment, high-performance household appliances, and computers and many more. With the continuous development of rare earth permanent magnet motor technology, its industry has gradually shown the following development trends. Develop in the direction of high efficiency and energy saving.

How to choose a sludge return pump? What is the function of the sludge return pump?

The sludge return pump is a new product basically developed in the production process of the submersible mixer. It is a professional equipment for the solution flow of the secondary sewage treatment plant and the removal of nitrogen from the hydrolysis acidification tank.

Hyperboloid mixer needs to look like this

Is the hyperboloid mixer expensive? Some people may be interested in purchasing goods. The first impression that came to my mind was that this product was expensive or not? In fact, it doesn't matter whether you consider the price first, or you will consider the cost later. Its bid is something we can't avoid. For consumers, how to make comparisons more targeted at the price level. You might consider quotations from multiple suppliers. Maybe, I will find a professional friend to advise. Or do detailed research on your own. and many more. There are other ways we can't think of for a while. So our opinion is. At the beginning, focus on quality. Because the hyperboloid mixer is purchased and used, the quality is not guaranteed, and the subsequent failures frequently occur, which is very annoying. More important things delay the construction period, and the time cost and economic cost are self-evident. Secondly, we have to think about the cost budget that can actually be produced. Then, consider other areas that you can think of or have greater needs.

Features and uses of low-speed thruster

The impeller diameter of the low-speed flow thruster is relatively large, which determines that the speed of the impeller cannot be too fast. Because the motor speed is very fast, the push-flow series submersible mixer must be equipped with a reducer. The reducer is a cycloidal pinwheel type. Reducer and gearbox reducer, cycloid reducer are relatively cheap, cost-effective, and suitable for most process requirements. Planetary gearbox reducer is used in places with high technological requirements.
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