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1.Principle and application of QSB deep-water self-priming submersible jet aerator

      The water flow generated by the submersible pump passes through the nozzle to form a high-speed water flow, and forms a negative pressure around the nozzle to suck in the air.

      After mixing with the water flow in the mixing chamber, a mixed flow of water and gas is generated in the trumpet-shaped diffuser tube, which is ejected at high speed. The water flow with many air bubbles is aerated by vortex stirring in a wide and deep water area, and its shaft power does not change with the change of the submerged depth, and the intake air volume can be adjusted. Because of this, jet aerators can be used in pools with large changes in water level.

2. Features of QSB deep-water self-priming submersible jet aerator

      (1) The aerator is composed of a submersible electric pump and a jet pump, so that the water body agitation and oxygenation can be carried out at the same time, which can not only obtain a high oxygen absorption rate, but also have the advantages of no impeller blockage.

      (2) The powerful unidirectional liquid flow results in effective convection circulation, and the motor load changes little with the water level, and the installation is simple.

3. Precautions for the use of QSB deep-water self-priming submersible jet aerator

      (1) It is forbidden to lift cables directly or use cables to lift other heavy objects when lifting the equipment. When carrying or hanging the diving aerator, a chain with a hook can be hooked on the shackle or the lifting ring of the upper cover.

      (2) The end of the cable is strictly prohibited to be immersed in water.

      (3) The shells of all equipment should be grounded reliably to prevent electric shock accidents.

      (4) Due to the working principle, the large immersion depth should not exceed the specified value.

      (5) The submersible aerator cannot be placed at the sewage inlet. When the chassis is placed on mud or floating sand, the submersible aerator will sink due to vibration. In this case, it is recommended to suspend or place the aerator on a larger base plate.

       (6) When the temperature drops below 0°C, if the submersible aerator is still operating normally, it can be used continuously, otherwise it should be lifted and placed in a ventilated and dry place, and be protected from freezing.

4.Installation of QSB deep-water self-priming submersible jet aerator

      The installation form of QSB deep-water self-priming submersible jet aerator has two types: self-coupling and mobile.

      (1) The self-coupling installation is to fix the aeration device and the special base at the bottom of the pool, install the supporting block on the top of the pool, and use the guide rail to connect the two. After the submersible electric pump is connected with a specific bracket, it slides down the guide rail to the outlet of the base, and is automatically coupled and sealed by the weight of the pump. The self-coupling installation can lift and install the electric pump without the need for installation or maintenance personnel to enter the puddle.

      (2) The mobile installation method is to install the deep-water self-priming submersible jet aerator at the bottom of the tank, relying on its own weight positioning, and has the characteristics of variable installation position, flexibility and low cost.

5.Technical parameters of QSB deep-water self-priming submersible jet aerator

      Power:1.5 kW

      Current:3.7 A

      Voltage:380 V

      Speed:2900 r/min

      Frequency:50 Hz

      Insulation level:F grade

      Dive depth:2 m

      Air intake volume:22 m3/h

      Intake pipe:32 mm

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submersible aerator
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