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1.Application of QTRQ air flotation machine

Air flotation technology has been widely used in water supply and drainage and wastewater treatment in recent years, and it can effectively remove light flocs that are difficult to settle in wastewater.

2.Features of QTRQ air flotation machine

1. Large processing capacity, high efficiency, and small footprint.

2. The technological process and equipment are simple in structure, easy to use and maintain.

3. Can eliminate sludge bulking.

4. Aeration into the water during air flotation has a significant effect on removing surfactants and odors in the water. At the same time, the aeration increases the dissolved oxygen in the water, which provides favorable conditions for subsequent treatment.

5. For water sources with low temperature, low turbidity, and many algae, the air flotation method can achieve the best results.

3. Working principle of QTRQ air flotation machine

The sewage after the dosing reaction enters the air flotation mixing area, and mixes and contacts with the dissolved air and water after release, so that the flocs adhere to the fine air bubbles, and then enter the air flotation area. The flocs float to the water surface to form scum under the action of air buoyancy. After the clear water in the lower layer flows to the clear water tank through the water collector, a part of it is returned for use as dissolved gas, and the remaining clear water flows out through the overflow port. After the scum on the water surface of the air flotation tank accumulates to a certain thickness, it is scraped into the sludge tank of the air flotation machine by the foam scraper and discharged.

4.Product Specifications of QTRQ air flotation machine

air flotation machine
water supply
wastewater treatment

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